Tract Facts

Census ‘Tract Fact’ sheets provide a general overview of each census tract within Forsyth County. Each sheet contains spatial information such as square miles, main roadways, key landmarks, and a visual of the individual tract and where it is located within the county. Also included is a snapshot of demographic facts provided by US Census Data for the population living within each tract. These data involve total population count, level of education, racial diversity, single-parent homes, median household income, and poverty rate. On the back side of the Tract Fact sheet are bar graphs highlighting the statistically significant variables for that specific census tract compared to the Forsyth County Average. Red bar graphs highlight opportunities for improvement and Blue bar graphs showcase successes, where the Census Tract average is better than the Forsyth County average for that variable.

Forsyth County Census Tract Map

Tract Number Reference Table

Census tract numbers are generated by using the last four digits of the FIPS Code Number for each census tract. FIPS codes are numbers which uniquely identify geographic areas. FIPS codes appear in each variable map and the Data Details table. Use this reference guide to match FIPS codes to census tract number that appear on FCNOA’s Tract Fact Sheets.

Find Your Census Tract

Using the address search is the easiest way to find smallest summary levels, like block groups and census tracts.

Watch this video to learn about Census Reporter’s powerful address search feature, which can help you identify all the geographies relevant to any street address.

map drawing with locator symbol and magnifying glass