Geographical Opportunities and Challenges Across Forsyth County

The Forsyth County Neighborhood Opportunity Atlas is your source for census-driven data about our community.

Building upon opportunities in our community starts with information.

What is the
Forsyth County Neighborhood Opportunity Atlas

The Forsyth County Neighborhood Opportunity Atlas (FCNOA) blends urban studies with data science to explore opportunities and challenges at the Census Tract level. Through this integrated approach, users can get an accurate baseline for existing conditions within communities throughout Forysth County. Equipped with this information, organizations can target programs, policies and budgets to help all neighborhoods achieve a level of spatial justice!

The FCNOA is a relevant tool to examine a wide range of topics, including:

  • Access & Infrastructure
  • Built Environment
  • Justice & Social Capital
  • Economic Well-being
  • Education
  • Health & Wellness
  • County Trends (success and opportunity highlights)

In the end, the FCNOA will provide the data that can help make important changes to the community, but that alone will not make a difference. Political will and community engagement will also need to be parts of the solution to make all of Forsyth County sustainable.


Who Should Use This Website

  • Government entities
  • Nonprofits
  • Community leaders and organizations
  • Individual citizens


How to Use this Website

  • Tract Fact Sheets — Gain a general overview of each Census Tract within Forsyth County.
  • Census Tract with Specific Address Search — Find Census Tract details for your home or another specific address.
  • Data Details — Take a deep dive into Census Tracts to examine factors within each tract that are significant opportunities for improvement and significant areas of success.
  • Heat Maps — See a county wide comparison on specific topics and examine specific tract demographics.